Monday, September 19, 2011

Design wall monday

quilt I am quilting in new area

corner I used before in my room

There is really nothing on my design wall this mondsAy. The last few days I have been moving my son and daughter swapping my daughter into the bigger room and moving my quilting area from the lil sewing area I had in my bedroom (excuse the mess in the picture still not finishing getting it cleaned up and moved) and the quilting frame that was in the other room all into the bigger room with my daughter. She doesn't mind sharing with me she usually helps me with many of my projects. I do have moms quilt on the frame and that is what I am working on while I am still transferring stuff over. My daughter is gonna be working on bracelets she wanted to make and since in the move I found the bracelet thread she wanted me to buy to make them. I have found many hidden treasures and I am sure will find more as I continue to sort thru it all. I am amazed at the amount of goodies I have as most were hidden in the closet. Lol I have some before and after to show.

new fabric shelves my DH built for me in new area
area next to shelves will be my design wall as soon
as i get the stuf to make it

sewing desk my DH built for me in new area


  1. Isn't it amazing the things we find when we go through our 'stuff'?!? I just recently did the same thing. I love your new space -- especially your sewing desk and the shelves! :)

  2. Looks like a beautiful new sewing room! I hope you will share more pictures of it. It is fun to clean and reorganize and find "new" things isn't it?

  3. First: Your DH sounds mighty handy. Mine is supportive but oh, so, not handy.

    Second: How great to share your creative space with a creative daughter. I think that is wonderful.

    Third: Congratulations on getting a bigger space where everything can live together. I find that I relax when I go into my studio, even when I have way too much to do in there.


  4. What fun to get a larger area. And love those shelves. Enjoy!