Monday, June 27, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Its been a busy busy week and despite it all I did get quite a bit of sewing done.  Below is what is on my design wall, it is my next scrappy top in an attempt to reduce my scraps.  My bins of strips are overflowing and although I finished a scrappy top last month the bins just seem to keep multiplying.  The pattern is from American Patchwork & Quilting and is called Weaving the Rails.  The pattern calls for 120 blocks.  I have 48 so I still have a ways to go.  I will probably need more than 120 because I intend to make this for my king size bed and 120 blocks makes the quilt 75-1/2" x 80-1/2". 

I attended Jody Barrows Square In A Square workshop Saturday with my mom and Ms. Pam.  We had a great time.  The technique was easy and once you get the hang of it would allow you to make alot of blocks in minimul time.  It took me from 9-2 to make the block below.  I showed it to my DH when I got back and his comment was is if it took that long to make one block then he doesn't see a quilt in my near future.  lol I didn't tell him about all the playing, laughing and cutting up that took place while the block was being made.

I did get one thing finished this week.   It is a quilted bath mat for in front of the bath/shower.  A simple panel placed on top of a towel and quilted and bound.  The towel on the bottom allows it to absorb the water.  My husband is trying to claim this one to put in the camper. 

Well thats it for me.  After while crocidile.  Happy quilting


  1. Your DH claims everything just like his father-in-law!

  2. Why do scrap quilts never seem to use as many scraps as I think they will? Maybe a king size quilt will reduce your scraps! Looking good!

    Love the bath mat idea! Brilliant!

  3. I saw that quilt pattern with the stripey blocks and boy that does look like a good one for scraps. So far I have been cutting my leftovers into strips and squares but really need a plan for them! They do multiply so fast.

    Holy Bathmat! It looks great.

  4. I love all the scrappiness in your quilts.

  5. Love the quilt in progress and the block! Great job

  6. I love your bathmat idea. I may have to try that.