Thursday, December 9, 2010

Resin Jewelry Making

Bracelet for Lexi

I have been busy making resin Jewelry from pictures and stickers and other things.  I am posting here because I know my family except for my mom is the only one that reads this.  She already knows what I am doing so I am good.  I have one sister that is a follower so just by chance she happens to look I am not including hers.
Tonight if I have time before ball I will be doing another batch for my DH family and charms for my mom's Grandchildren bracelet.
Necklace for Tanya and Billie
Charms for Necklaces - One is for Sammie and one is for Lexi.  The rest are extras I made with leftover resin
Necklace for Stepmom
Necklace for Spirit made from Tinkerbell Sticker

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  1. I think you meant to say that none of your family except for your mom and little sister follow your blog. just found out about blogging a few days ago. I really like the circle and oval shapes.