Monday, November 15, 2010


Animal Print Quilt
Blocks for Unicorn Quilt

I have two things on my design wall at the moment.  Its hard for me to have only one thing going at a time.  First I have 5 blocks made of the 9 I need for my unicorn quilt.  I ran out of the white fabric so I will have to make a trip to my LQS to get some more this week.    So while waiting I worked on the animal print quilt.  I had been collecting fat qtrs for this quilt and bought the final ones while at Houston festival.  This entire quilt was cut with GO dies (3-1/2"x6-1/2" rectangle die and 2-1/2" stip die) and goes together very quickly.  Its a very simple quilt but stunning

Judy L Scrap Ahoy Pattern

Cutting Table DH Made for me

 I didn't do much piecing this weekend but did get alot accomplished.  I cleaned my sewing area and my DH built me a cutting table and shelf.  It makes such a difference and cutting and trimming are no longer a headache b/c of lack of area.  My sewing area looks so much bigger now.  It looks really nice now but my DH is only giving it a few days he said before it becomes a mess again.  LOL I am not a very clean quilter.  I believe in Eleanor Burns Method of throwing over the shoulder and picking up later.  I also put the quilt that I made from Judy L's pattern Scraps Ahoy and quilted it on Sunday.  It is so wonderful to get a quilt quilted in a day instead of months like before.  I am so loving my bday present my mom gave me. 

For more design inspiration head on over to Judy's L Design Wall Monday

Quilting on Scrap Ahoy. 
Chinese Crescents Panto


  1. I love the animal print quilt top. You need to write out the names of all the animals on a panto gram or get the heads of the animals to do. Don't say you can b/c I know you can do whatever you put your mind to. See you Tuesday.

  2. I am more creative in a messy sewing room. At least that's my story!
    Love all your projects :)

  3. Great cutting table! I should have my hubby look at the picture.

  4. What a nice hubby you have! Love your projects, too! :)

  5. I couldn't live without my cutting table! Love the animal print quilt, quite dramatic.

  6. How nice that you have a big cutting space. I set mine up several years ago and really love it although sometimes I have so much "stuff" on it that I still only have a small space to cut. :-( All three of your quilt tops look great but I especially like the Scraps Ahoy. I really have trouble making things with really small pieces. I need to get over that!