Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WIP - Wednesday

Well I didn't get to finish the quilting on the Saints quilt this weekend.  My DH gets these wild hairs up his butt some times where he just up and decides to take off and this weekend was one of them.  We had a good time in Tennessee and as we were on our way home we got tickets to the Nascar Race in Atlanta.  It was a new experience and he had a great time.  I did to but got a crick in my neck from looking left right left right cause as soon as the cars would pass they were there again. 

While on the trip I started a hand sewing project to keep me busy while he drove.  It will be a great project for the upcoming trip to Marine Boot Camp Graduation for my son in beginning of October and our trip to Talledega Nascar Race at end of October for our anniversery.  Also since I finished the Scraps Ahoy top, which by the way used alot of scraps but somehow didn't make even a small dent in them, I started on my charity quilt for the Guild.  It is a quilt as u go project that is Easy Breezy.  I am using all scrap fabric on front from a Hello Kitty quilt I made and the back is fabric from my stash. 

Oh my birthday is Friday and yesterday at the LQS where we meet I bought the fabrics below to go with my hand sewing project (which is why my stash doesn't shrink) I found out my mom is giving me her midarm for my birthday/christmas present.  I am so excited.  I have been eyeing it since she bought it  3 or 4 years ago and she knew that.  I even kept giving her a hard time b/c its just been sitting there lonely b/c I think since she had it she has only used it three or four times.  It means once I get the hang of it I will have to quilt her tops as well but thats ok because she makes my labels for me (she has the better maching to embrodery labels) and she also does all my binding b/c from years of working on computers my wrists won't let me hand sew for long periods of times without becoming extremely painful.

Well my mom always signs off Lator Gators so I think my new sign off will be
After while Crocidiles.

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  1. Dee, the frame needs a space that is at the very least 3 foot by 11 foot. Good luck with finding a spot for it. By the way, I don't mind making labels and sewing on binding. I just don't like that Phaff!!! I am looking into a HQ18 or a computerized HQ by my birthday 2011. so Lator Gator and I'll see you after while crocidile!