Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Judy L Scraps Ahoy Top - Finished

Since I do most of my quilting on weekend, I decided to finish the Scraps Ahoy top I was working on from the free pattern Judy L posted on her site Patchwork Times.  This is my first truly scrappy quilt and I loved it.  It was so easy and mindless.  I cut squares into triangles put them all in a bag and got my 2-1/2" strip bin and just grabbed and sewed.  I didn't have to worry about matching fabric just what ever came out was what i sewed.  I think it turned out wonderful. 

I looked thru my stash to find a back b/c since this is a scrappy quilt I don't want to buy any fabric for it.  Especially since my daughter and I reorganized my fabric and my stash somehow grew from three huge clear tubs to four.  I think b/c I keep going to lunch every week at LQS in Lafayette with my mom and come back with something new.  Anyway, I found this fabric.  Its one of those that I can't figure out what I was thinking when I bought it.  I do remember it was on sale for $2.00/yard so I got 5 yards.  So now I am thinking I will use this as my backing b/c I will never use it for the front of a quilt.  Looking at it I think since I did mindless sewing on front I could do mindless quilting on back with no marking and just following the hexagons on fabric.  What do you think?  Will it work?

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  1. I think that your top is great. I also think that mindless quilting on the back would work using a freeform hexagon pattern. Now what I don't understand, weren't you just complaining about your work load and you finished a quilt while doing all that work? Wow! Workalohic! Circle.